Rich Media Embeds

As previously mentioned, we’ve been working on adding support for embedding rich media. That feature is now available to all Pro users!

To get started, just paste the URL of the media you want to embed into your post. For example, a tweet URL would show the entire tweet, as shown in this post:

Try it out and let us know what you think! And let us know if anything looks a bit odd to you – we’re still polishing the design of embeds from every provider we support.


Now you can find a list of all providers we currently support here:


Interesting… there’s and even Instagram…

Have you guys thought about getting photos included?

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Absolutely! We have some development tasks written up for this here: T618. It’ll just need some changes on the end of things.

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Awesome, looking forward to it.

So I’ve tried this out and it works really well when viewing posts on my site.

I did notice that it doesn’t render on well on a feed or feed reader though, like via or via the Feedly app. All you get is the url. Maybe something that can be improved upon in the future.

I just wanna say thank you guys for including Bandcamp embed support… I suspect you already know why that’s important to me, but yeah… Y’all are good uns. :heavy_heart_exclamation: