Rich Media Embeds

Apparently Embedly supports Mastodon now:


The URL of a toot in my test post is still not embedded, maybe some configuration or re-rendering is needed at’ end

very good

Thanks for pointing this out! Looking into adding support now.


To circumvent the privacy issues with youtube I use invidious, which allegedly is a more privacy centered service with various instances.
Any way to embed those?

I just removed YouTube embeds from my blog. It’s a very valuable feature but managing tracking and privacy policies is a hassle.

Did you find a way to embed invidious videos @PaoloAmoroso ? Thanks!

I haven’t got a chance to try Invidious embeddings, sorry.

@matt there is something on blocking invidious video embeds loading.
Youtube works, ted works, but invidious does not get loaded.

invidious offer an embed link which does work on other services just fine with an iframe. What could be the cause?


Do you mean the bare URL or the embed code of Invidious videos? For ambedding via bare URLs relies on, which doesn’t support Invidious.


I meant something like:

<div><iframe id='ivplayer' width='640' height='360' src='' style='border:none;'></iframe></div>

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