Coming soon: rich media embeds on

We’re about to release a new feature that makes it easy to embed rich content into your posts, simply by pasting in a URL! When it’s ready, this will be available to all Pro users.

See a quick demo of how it works here:



Are the video embeds responsive by design? I’ve had to add custom CSS to make them responsive, like when I embed YouTube videos in my posts.

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Yep, they’ll be responsive! I’ve had to do the same thing before. Luckily with an explicit “embed” feature like this, we can target those elements and make sure they work well on all screen sizes.


Sounds good. Looking forward to it.

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This is live now! Announcement thread is here: Rich Media Embeds

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This is great! Any idea if we can embed music from Apple Music or other music services?

It’s easier to provide a critique when the reader can listen to the song on the same page.

But really cool and I can’t wait!

Unfortunately we don’t support Apple Music, but you can embed SoundCloud, Spotify, and similar audio service links!