Creating a title index page?

Is there a way to create a pinned page with an automatically updated chronological index of clickable post titles?

There’s a custom way to do this. One user, @dino, has done this through adding an embedded Glitch app that creates an automatically updating, chronological index. Here it is on his blog for reference:

All you need to do is create a free account on Glitch and follow the instructions here to remix the archive app for your site. The steps are minimal on the technical front — all you need to do is add your blog’s username & url in a special file, embed the app into a post, and you’re set!

If you run into any trouble then let us know. Some other people have this archive app on their blog and would be happy to help you set it up!


Thanks for the suggestion.

Glitch is a third party, I could say I do not like their (privacy) policy, but the important factor for me is it is a service not from

So this would be a suggestion for a feature request: that has the ability to generate a pinned index page with the topic titles.

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No worries @CFS! I just made this into a feature request so others can chime in.

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I would love this feature as well! An archive sidebar might be kind of nice.

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Another vote for either a pinned index page or an index sidebar. Prefer sidebar, but would use whichever was implemented first.