How archive my post history?

Currently I have three posts on my blog. They all appear inline on one page. So if a user wants to view some old blog they have to scroll through all of them. The only way around this is to “pin” a post but that throws it up there next to my “aboutme” page. I was hoping for a way to pin it to an archive or something. I’m not a css/javascript guy so I was hoping for an easy to way to …

  • Pin (aka move) old posts to an archive
  • Only show recent post on front page

I’m extremely flexible here since I’m pretty new to blogging. However, with blogs I’ve seen you typically go to an archive where the title/date is shown which requires you to click on the link to take you to the article. The guide didn’t point this out.

There’s not a way to do this out of the box yet, which is why there’s nothing about it in the guides. Definitely could be something done in the future.

However, there is a custom solution from the community that can create a blog archive for you. It’s outlined in this forum post here:

Open to other solutions people use too!

Just to clarify, I now have a static Archive page. But the previous Glitch powered Archive page app can still be found here. If you look at the Source for the app, in the Readme there is instructions on how to remix the app and make it work for your website.

Just for reference, my current Archive page is created by running a C# console application, that uses the .NET client/wrapper library I wrote, to generate the markdown text I need. Then I just manually copy paste the text into my pinned Archive page.

If there is interest, I can probably make a Blazor WASM app for it, where all you have to do is input your alias and it will spit out the markdown text you need to copy over.


I’d definitely be interested! Wonder if there are other possibilities for this kind of app — always thought a templating app could be interesting (just click to copy, say, a journaling template or something for your blog).

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I’ll see what I can come up with. Another fun thing to try out with Blazor.

That is a great idea on creating some kind of templates for specific kind of posts.

I’d definitely like a post archive. I’ve been doing it manually on a pinned page, just the post title as a link.


Here you go, Archive Page Generator

Hi, Dino, I used it and it archived everything I’d posted already, but I made a new post today and it didn’t archive. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey @greumstevenson, if you don’t mind me asking, what is your alias? You can send it to me in a message if you don’t want to display out here.

My initial guess is, it could be a date time issue. But I wouldn’t be able to say for sure unless I test it.

Hey @greumstevenson, just so you know, @dino’s app isn’t dynamic. Every time you publish a new post, it won’t archive. You’ll have to go to the generator and run the program again. It’s still a bit of a manual process in that respect but a lot more automated.

Hope that clarifies things! If you already knew that, feel free to disregard and we’ll work on troubleshooting this issue for you.

Hey, CJ,

Thanks. I didn’t realise that. I thought it was dynamic.

Figured out a workaround/solution similar to what’s being discussed here with my own blog (, although seeing this implemented as an official feature would be awesome!