- privacy-first, portable comments

Seconding what the last commenter asked: is still actively in development? I know is currently taking precident, which is great and I understand the limitations, given the small team that makes up As I’m considering dropping the $100 for a year of Commento, I just wanted to check whether this is going to be on the horizon at some point. Thanks!

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Sorry for not getting back on this earlier! At this point, we’ve figured out the core features for – mostly revolving around protocols we want to support which will let everyone start commenting. So we plan to start development in the first quarter of next year! (See our roadmap.)

As with other brand new tools like, at launch, we’ll start by including with your Pro subscription. And when we have something ready for you to try out, we’ll let you know on this thread and Twitter / Mastodon.



Any updates now that we are in 2021?


At what point is the development of the Remark program?

I would like to know also. Still getting acquainted with the platform here and trying to figure out the best way to integrate comments for my kids’ blogs, especially. They want to see a little something from family or friends in response to their posts. Ideally, in our case, the commenting ability could be limited to just those people who have access to the blog (through the link or password etc). For our use, focus on privacy is paramount. To have a “sacred place” to express, and create and interact . Would love an update on or ideas from others how they have used alternatives. Thanks!


@matt, I am curious if the email response is live yet? We tried testing it out in the family and I don’t think it worked (yet). DO you have an update? Thank you!:slight_smile:

Not yet – we should have the option for email responses available to everyone this month!

Beyond this, we have a couple large migration projects on our plate that have taken priority at the moment, so unfortunately, major development on will be delayed until those are finished. But one of those projects should be complete this month, and we’ll get to work on as soon as we’re freed up a bit.

I’ll keep everyone updated as we nail down a release date.

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@matt , will the “weekend” project version of be in queue anytime soon? I would love to have it available and really like it’s simplicity. cf: I was aiming to have made some progress on by this point in 2021, but... — Micro Matt

I’d say… possibly :slightly_smiling_face:

I have started hacking on it in my free time, and I would like to get something out there for everyone to start playing with, since I know a number of people want this. But I can’t make any promises on a timeline just yet.


@matt That would be lovely … I look forward to seeing it. Thank you. Enjoy your studio! Grin.


Yesterday we released the very first bit of functionality! Introducing Private Letters

Among others waiting for this feature, @christinerenner, this should fit your use case perfectly!

Please… no… Social share links are a necessity for ad tech-powered publications but they’re ugly and useless? (imo) Please give a try. I did yesterday (and got a response this morning!) and it felt stupidly natural.

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@matt Have you seen Cactus Comments?

I realise I’m a bit late to the game, but this should fit the bill with private, portable comments section - excellent piece of libre software.

This looks awesome. And from what I can see, free? Outside of Commento, which costs $100/year, the best I’ve seen is Utterances (or Giscus), both of which rely on GitHub — something I would like to stray away from that, given not everyone uses it.

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Okay, so first, disclaimer: I haven’t actually tried implementing it myself - I just know the folks that created it, and seen it implemented on a couple of pages. Yes it’s free, they are generously offering their server as host for early adopters, I don’t think they have secured long term funding for that server though - so if you have the capacity to self-host, that’s probably what you wanna go for in the long term. But yeah, from the Quick Start guide it seems very easy. I’d say give it a try?

Just wanted to update everyone – a very early, very experimental has launched today!


Hey, @matt, there’s a couple people that are trying to access the “Discuss…” link in my signature that are not Pro users, and they are getting a 404 page - any chance it could be a page letting people know what is happening (I simply told them (via e-mail) that they must be Pro users for the time being).

Thanx :slight_smile:

How do I change which of my blogs is the primary one?

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here’s a screenshot of what people are getting (myself included when I click on my own “Discuss…” link -