Feature suggestion: login with an account from other websites (e.g. Mastodon, GitHub, etc.)

Please implement this feature so that users do not need to sign up with passwords. Preferably could you implement sign up with Mastodon and GitHub?
Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestion @umonaca! I am curious to see if others would find it useful too. Do you think having password resetting built-in would mitigate problems that could arise from signing up with passwords (ie: forgetting, etc)? That is something we have on our radar and you can track here.

The link for here is not valid so I do not know which page you are referring to.
OAuth signing in with other websites’ accounts is very useful. For example, I login to this discourse forum with my GitHub account. Registering accounts everywhere is very inconvenient for users.

Appreciate the catch with the link there @umonaca! I just fixed it. Hope that gives some context because we are hoping that automatic password resetting can at least help with this general problem of having multiple accounts. It annoys me too!

What do others think?

I like the option of paper recovery codes someone has mentioned in the thread you linked, @cjeller1592.
I don’t think, however, this will completely fix the idea of logging in with a Mastodon or Github account.
I personally would like both options, ie: being able to chose if I want to create a dedicated write.as account (with password reset as proposed in the link) or use Mastodon instead.

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