Gitea OAuth

Inspired by version 0.12 RC testing and Gitlab OAuth implementation, I’ve put together Gitea OAuth :relaxed: Tested, works :+1:

This work is based on Matt’s guide about implementing OAuth login.

Will post Pull Request in the coming days :nerd_face:

Login screen:

Redirect to Gitea instance:

User is returned to WriteFreely:

And is visible as user in new admin panel:


This is awesome @gytisrepecka! That adds Gitea to Gitlab, & Slack as OAuth providers for WriteFreely instances.

What would be other good OAuth providers to implement in WriteFreely? Would love to see what people have in mind!

Created Pull Request :relaxed:

If anyone would like to test, please clone oauth-gitea branch from

Also using Go:

go get -d -u -v
cd ~/go/src/
git checkout oauth-gitea

And then build :nerd_face:

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Wondering if pull request is going to be reviewed or actually it is now being actively worked on generic OAuth implementation so that explicit provider implementation would not be needed?

Hey, sorry for not being responsive on this. We definitely want to merge your work, in addition to the generic implementation. All reviews are just on hold right now, while we’re in the “release candidate” phase. Once we release WF v0.12, we’ll look over your pull request! Thanks again for contributing that, and I’m looking forward to getting it merged.

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Merged current writeas:develop into gytisrepecka:oauth-gitea, will build and test once again :grinning: