Custom javascript in WriteFreely 0.81


Created a local Windows 10 Development install of WriteFreely 0.81 to get familiar with it.

On the Customization page, I see how to input Custom CSS, but I don’t see anything for entering custom Javascript. Does this capability exist in WriteFreely 0.81?


There’s no way to use custom Javascript in WriteFreely 0.8.1.

I left it out to prevent security issues that might come up on multi-user instances. But are you running a single-user instance?


Yes, a single-user instance on a local machine with sqlite3, I might use it for keeping track of notes, references, links, to-do list items, items I won’t post online, etc. Got it up and running with no issues, instructions were very helpful.


Maybe this can be an option for admin on a per instance (or per blog) basis. Personally I use JS on to insert non-breaking spaces used by French typographic rules… Very useful.


I made a post on one of my blogs about custom JavaScript and French typography in… obviously it’s in French :sunglasses:


Thanks for posting, Aris. I found that did a good job of converting it to English.


Hi, I just set up a single instance blog on my VPS with WriteFreely… Can I place some JS into a template file or something? I am going to be poking around myself but thought I would ask if there was a best practice first.

Great blogging software! I love the ease of use and minimalist approach.