Can't find the Custom JS section!

I am hosting a single instance blog over at In the customize section of the admin panel there is a custom CSS panel but none for custom JS - how do I enable it?

Hi @xalgia, there isn’t a Custom JavaScript section for WriteFreely currently. It’s one of the key differentiatiors from that is outlined in this forum post:

While it does mention multi-user instances, the single-user instances are also set up this way by default. There is an older forum topic where Custom JavaScript is discussed though — with a solution of adding the JavaScript in the footer of every template file. This might change though. Here’s the status of Custom JavaScript in WriteFreely from @matt on the same topic:

I think ultimately we’re moving towards having common elements like this stored in the database and editable from the admin interface – and ideally supporting this by v1.0.

If you don’t mind, I’d be curious to hear what you were you hoping to you use the Custom JavaScript for. It’d definitely help inform what needs to be built into WriteFreely to make Custom JavaScript in WF useful.

For one, installing certain writeas themes requires custom javascript or they don’t work correctly. And the themes are so beautiful, some of them are quite irresistible!

But another reason I was looking into custom JS was to customize the footer!

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