WriteFreely vs Write.as? (Photo upload and SMTP)

Greetings all,

First of all, thank you for this amazing software, I hope more people use it each day, these are the tools that will keep the open web alive.

So, I just installed WriteFreely on a FreeBSD server deployed at օրագիր.հայ and I really want to understand the difference between WriteFreely and Write.as

My main interests are:

Photo upload? can users upload photos? if not, is there a workaround?
SMTP support during registration for verification and password reset

Thanks all folks!

Hi @antranigv! WriteFreely currently doesn’t have a native photo upload feature or SMTP support. Both features are on our roadmap though (SMTP and photos respectively).

If you’d like more context to the differences between Write.as & WriteFreely, I’d recommend looking at the below forum post by @matt:

Hope that helps!