Want your blog / instance featured?

ShepherdsandHalos.org is a new site of mine. Catholic fiction/parables.

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https://blog.augendre.info is available, with a light and a dark theme that changes based on your OS/browser preference (@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark)).

The source code for the style is available here: https://git.sr.ht/~crocmagnon/blog-css. It’s written in SCSS and I compile it before uploading.

My partner and I have been having a lot of fun learning to customize our blog with CSS! You’re welcome to feature ours as well: https://write.as/hummingcrow/ :^)

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Thanks @Crocmagnon & @umhi! We’d love to showcase your blogs’ CSS on our Themes blog. Is there any license that you both would want on your theme when we feature it? We usually do a Creative Commons license but would be happy to do whatever suits you (@Crocmagnon I see you use the GNU Public License so we could equally use that too).

Again, really really appreciate sharing these with us!

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Hi @cjeller1592 :blush: If possible I’d like to share it with GPL v3 indeed.
Thanks for the sharing!

Lovely! Thank you, @cjeller1592 :^) I just cleaned our CSS up and licensed it as CC0! Cheers

Your blog is wonderful! :heart_eyes:
I am glad you posted about it here! I subscribed straight away.

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Aww, thank you so much for the kind words @Melyanna!! We’ve been having a lot of fun with it :^) I just took a look at your lovely blog as well and subscribed! Looking forward to digging into your archives.

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Happy to do so, my blog is https://blog.esmailelbob.xyz

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I am running a personal blog in French here https://blog.byl.fr/. The design is inspired and adapted from Carbontwelve theme and modified A LOT :slight_smile:
Congratulations and many thanks for what you’ve been doing with Writefreely. This is a great piece of software.

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I run https://www.rant.li/.

Sure thing! My blog is Darnell (Seize The Day) & I primarily write about Fediverse tech (along with tips). I also occasionally throw shade at Twitter.


Thanks, I’ve added these!

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Hey there… I have a new site to submit:


well, you want to know if I’ll be using my instance for a while. umm… yeah; I think so. I’ve kept a server running for about 3 or 4 years already as “scrit”, but it isn’t public because it is so low power. I recently installed it to a micro-footprint box about the size of a coffee cup, and I keep it stashed behind my laptop. I suppose I should mention that I drink coffee out of big mugs, though. it boots and runs write.as without a monitor or keyboard. it doesn’t even log in. this will be it’s home until that box expires. if you really want to feature it, I can get a screenshot or whatever else. I guess the best reason to feature it is the stand-alone, no login, always available personal server aspect. your choice. LMK

Still messing around a bit with the css, but here’s mine settima — WriteFreely UNDERWORLD

Author site/blog: Hunter Dansin — Write.as

We have joined write freely with http://blogs.mpaq.org :slight_smile: if you would like to add us at MPAQ. (Note: the front end site uses HTTP not HTTPS)