Want your blog / instance featured?


I’m hoping to show off some WriteFreely instances / Write.as blogs on writefreely.org, to illustrate the different ways the software can be / is being used. I’d especially like to feature sites that have any kind of customized design, as I’d like to include some screenshots.

If you’re running a blog or instance (single- or multi-user), plan to continue running it for a while, and want it featured, let me know!


Happy to do that.


Wait, you can customize the design? I’m going to go do that, then I’ll send you my permanent writefreely instance link. ^~^


Right now you can customize individual blogs, yep. (In a future release, you’ll also be able to set a different base style for the entire instance.) But that would be great!


I operate https://wordsmith.social/ and certainly plan to continue running it for a while :slight_smile:


Check out my single-user blog that I plan to run for as long as I can, which features a nice customized design, hope you like it.


My blog on Write.as with a custom CSS and some JS: https://aris.papatheodorou.net