Time-out when trying to visit instance on local network

I’ve set up my own instance on a Raspberry Pi using the instructions from the Getting Started Guide as well as this post. My instance is running behind an Nginx reverse proxy as explained in the guides, and I’m able to point my browser at the Pi’s local IP to view the Nginx welcome page. However when I attempt to visit the port that my instance should be on (8080, in my case), my browser spins for a bit and eventually the request times out. I don’t see any errors for either my Nginx or WriteFreely services when I look at journalctl.

What can I do to troubleshoot / fix this?

This sounds like the port isn’t publicly accessible, probably due to a firewall.

If you followed the instructions in the “Slightly less simple” guide, you would’ve set up the firewall with the ufw tool. I’d try opening port 8080 with that tool, or just make sure Nginx is set up correctly, and then access your site through port 80 instead (this is the default HTTP port, and one opened in that guide).

Opening 8080 with ufw fixed it. Thanks very much!

No problem! Glad that helped.