This is a topic dedicated to the our Themes blog, where we showcase themes from the community to show what’s possible with customization on Feel free to leave feedback or questions about particular themes along with requests.

The inspiration for this week’s theme comes from outside of the universe - a theme inspired by the blog of architect and computational designer Nono Martínez Alonso (check it out here).

Big thanks to @jasoncomely for recommending the theme and @quiethabits for helping recreate it on


Just noted that: there’s a typo in the 3rd paragraph:

“So copy the theme code over to the Custom CSS and JavaScripte, save your changes, and check out your updated blog theme!”

Thanks for the heads up on the How-to page @sfss! Just took care of it.

A new theme this week from @bugbuster! Thanks for being a pivotal part of the community, especially with your help on the forum!


Very nice theme.

And one more theme for the week! This is a theme from the blog. One interesting thing about it is that it can allow you to place a logo alongside your blog title.


Happy to include my blog theme here:


Thanks @lhl! Your blog theme is awesome - I especially like the boxes around each post on the home page. Do you mind if I share it on the Themes blog? Any license in mind? We usually do a Public Domain equivalent license (Creative Commons) if that works.

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No, don’t mind at all. It is mostly themed from various options others have come up with here.

How do you want me to share the CSS/JS…?

Excellent! We’ll have it up sometime on Wednesday then. As far as sharing the CSS/JS, we can take care of that by getting it through the API (docs here for anyone interested).

New theme this week is from @lhl’s blog! Thanks again for letting us showcase it. I personally love how the home page shows the posts in that card format – makes it a lot easier to read on first glance.


Our new theme this week is from Wordsmith admin @carbontwelve 's blog! It is inspired by the wonderful design of Increment Magazine.

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@cjeller1592 - I think you may have posted the CSS from my blog not Carbontwelve’s…?

Thanks for the catch @lhl! I just fixed it. Sorry about that!


Nice work cjeller1592, and Happy New Year!

P.S. Hope to get consistent with my writing again. Switching jobs and going on night shift threw me for a loop!

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Thanks @jasoncomely!

We’re getting back on the weekly themes with a great one from the folks at Fosstodon! I personally like it as a way to do a dark theme that isn’t simply black background with white text.


This Themes Blog is a great resource. Much appreciated.

Feature Request:
An easy-to-browse library of themes along with demos that we can install and change with one-click. That would be easier for normies to work with. But, of course, allow the purists to still work with CSS, etc. as they please.

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The ability to preview your own blog with a given theme would surely encourage more people to try new themes. Not only the WordPress juggernaut does that; even small indie platforms like Blot do.

Customisation/personalisation is always one of the most popular features on any platform.

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Great suggestion @fjhvio! There’s some development on our end to make it a reality (see T637) but it’s definitely on our minds (it’s been on mine even before the Themes blog).

Completely agree @nibl! A preview feature would be a great idea. Even a test blog where you could mess around with creating a custom theme would be helpful.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Keep it coming along with theme requests.


Yup, IMO: it’s good that it is like that right now, but for long term sustainability this change necessary.