This is a topic dedicated to the our Themes blog, where we showcase themes from the community to show what’s possible with customization on Feel free to leave feedback or questions about particular themes along with requests.

The inspiration for this week’s theme comes from outside of the universe - a theme inspired by the blog of architect and computational designer Nono Martínez Alonso (check it out here).

Big thanks to @jasoncomely for recommending the theme and @quiethabits for helping recreate it on

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Just noted that: there’s a typo in the 3rd paragraph:

“So copy the theme code over to the Custom CSS and JavaScripte, save your changes, and check out your updated blog theme!”

Thanks for the heads up on the How-to page @sfss! Just took care of it.

A new theme this week from @bugbuster! Thanks for being a pivotal part of the community, especially with your help on the forum!


Very nice theme.

And one more theme for the week! This is a theme from the blog. One interesting thing about it is that it can allow you to place a logo alongside your blog title.