Another theme from the community this week!

The theme compliments the electronic music that Crop Lee features on this blog. I enjoy the sleek and futuristic look of it – it pairs nicely with the Monospace font.

Here’s my theme I’ve been working on! Feel free to copy over the CSS (and clean it up if you want). Enjoy:

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Thanks @yungleary! We’ll be sure to include it on the Theme blog. We’ll add a Creative Commons License to it by default but please let us know if that doesn’t work and we’ll change it to whatever you’d like.

Two new themes this week! First one is Natsushyo’s! I enjoy the accent on the post titles and her use of backgrounds to create the garden on the footer.

Then there’s @yungleary’s! Great take on a dark theme and appreciate the variety in fonts (title font is awesome) and font color to break everything up nicely.

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@cjeller1592, when I click on ANY of the above theme links under… I get the following page every time.

Hi @nibl! Sorry about that. Try to give it another shot. If you’re still having trouble then let me know.

Thanks. Works again now. What caused that spam blocker page?

Just went a little overboard on the spam IP addresses we were blocking :slight_smile: Locked out more than we needed to. Thanks for your patience! We’ll tread a little lighter with that going forward.


New theme this week is from the awesome folks at! We’d seen this theme used previously in the community (shout-out to @bix) and thought it was time to make it official for others to use. Clean, elegant, and great for writing with or without titles, for blogging or microblogging.

Going back to the community this week for another theme! This one is from an awesome online magazine called Extratone. Full of personality and great color choices.

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Nice one! Interesting magazine as well.

New theme this week has been a long time coming - our official “Dark mode” for the default blog theme! Big thanks to @qwazix for creating this. It works well with the dark mode of the editor too, getting you as close as you can to a complete dark mode experience on


the fonts are missing

Hi @beta! The CSS for Fosstodon Hub doesn’t have custom fonts. Are you trying to add custom fonts to the theme? Maybe there’s something we didn’t see?

this is the font that is currently being used at

I copied the theme code and it didn’t come

Are you copying the theme code to or WriteFreely? These are the default fonts that are loaded automatically on either platform. They are not in theme itself. I’d make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser for the fonts to be loaded in. Otherwise, if that doesn’t work, we can look into it further.

New theme this week from @dino’s blog! It includes some nuanced styling to the CSS but also awesome use of a custom footer for every post. Be sure to check out all the cool stuff he uses for his blog and incorporate some of it onto your own!


Happy to have my theme published if you would like:

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Thanks @rtwalz and welcome to the community! We’ll be sure to add it to our Themes blog soon.

/* This adds BLINK!!!! */
@keyframes blinker {
  50% {
    opacity: 0;

This is art . :slight_smile:

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