Suitable code for displaying an RSS feed as a list on a post?

I saw a neat idea by a fellow user, where they had displayed an export / list of an RSS feed from a different site on a post of theirs which was pinned.

I’d like to play around with the same, but have it somewhat dynamic, so that it would update as the RSS updates.

Is this possible? How can I do this via CSS / JavaScript?

Hi @digitalgyoza, this sounds like a neat idea. Do you have the example from the user at hand? Would love to view it and see if there’s a way to add some CSS/JS dynamism.

hi @cjeller1592, here you go!

I’ve tried inspecting the code, but can’t tell how its been done, and if it can automatically update.

Did you have any RSS feed in mind @digitalgyoza?

There was nothing I saw that you could do with Custom CSS / Javascript, but I took some time to tinker with a little app that will take an RSS feed and display it as a list on a post. Not only that, it will update as you requested.

Take a look at a test use of it here. It should update when this blog does. I don’t know when it will update next so if you have a better example of an RSS feed that updates regularly then let me know and I will try another test.

That’s awesome!

Try this, its my own Pocket feed.

Just did it! I replaced the above blog feed with your Pocket feed. Check the app again here and see if the post updates with your additions.

Hmm, well its displaying a list of my feed, but its not updating.

Would it be instant, or does it take time to update?

Interesting - it looks like the link for your Pocket feed hasn’t updated yet. I still see the ‘7 Twitter Accounts for Outstanding Longreads’ as the first link.

But it could totally be something wrong with the code. I will keep investigating!

Actually it is, if you look at the 2 entries below “7 twitter accounts…” the xml feed is updating but the app hasnt.

You’re totally right @digitalgyoza. My bad! I will keep working on it and let you know if anything changes.

Ha! Thats very kind of you!

Okay now it should work! Try updating it again. The app should update the post now.

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It works! Thats fantastic. Can you share the code to make this happen?

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Sure thing @digitalgyoza. I just need to update the code so it can be used by anyone with whatever RSS feed. Should have the code and a how-to up soon!

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Alright the code to make the updating RSS feed list post happen is right here.

Just remix the app on Glitch and follow the instructions on the README file. Let me know if you have any questions with implementation. It is a tad tricky but should work for you!

Have fun!

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Ok so the terminal part is a problem for me. I dont use linux, and the Chrome OS Crosh has issues with this too… any suggestions?

EDIT: Whilst I look into the terminal side further (hopefully something i can look at when i’m back in front of my PC), I have found a temporary solution using Embedly.

Sadly, I dont seem to have access to a suitable terminal… is this a linux only thing? Powershell and windows CMD doesnt like Curl … I may be using the completely wrong thing here, lol.

Nah I don’t think you are wrong. Maybe I have been taking curl for granted all this time haha! I use iTerm2 for Mac OS.

In the meantime, I created a simple app that allows you to log in as you usually do to grab an access token. Try it out here and use the token you get to bypass the terminal stuff. Hope that helps!

Ok, so the token seemed to work, but when I add /xml and it redirects to the post, it’s empty with no RSS feed. Stumped!

Hmm that is interesting. Are you using the Pocket RSS feed or something different? Could I look at your Glitch project url? I won’t be able to see the token but I will see what the other code looks like. Maybe there is something in there beyond what we can discuss.