Suitable code for displaying an RSS feed as a list on a post?

Here you go

Thanks @digitalgyoza! It looks like something with the token.

In for the ‘token’ variable up top, copy the value you put in os.environ.get() and replace it with ‘TOKEN’. It should look like this:

token = os.environ.get('TOKEN')

Now paste that value into the .env file (the one with the key next to it). It should be formatted as follows (no spaces and all):


Then refresh the app and try it again to see what happens. The post should update with the list!

Oh gosh, I’m so silly… I placed the actual token in both fields! Got it to work finally. Thanks once again!

I have noticed that if I write some standard text as an intro before the feed links, and then the RSS feed updates itself, it removes the manually added text. how could I overcome this?

Awesome! No problem at all.

Funny you mention the intro text - that is the one thing I want to implement next with this. I will spin something up and let you know where to add it into the Glitch app. Shouldn’t be too complicated.

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So I found a way to add introductory text to the post. I added it to the original app here so go ahead and remix it. The text will be added in like the other values.

For you @digitalgyoza, just paste what you have into the ‘intro’ variable like so:

intro = '![](\nVarious articles, websites and other interesting snippets that have caught my eye for future reading...'

Hope that helps! Let me know if it works.

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