Some ideas to enhance the experience

Copied from Slack:

  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) for login screen.
  • “Next post” and “Previous post” links (or left and right arrow for more minimal appearance) on post page, at the end of the article.
  • Option to choose how many articles should appear on blog index (5, 10, 15, 20, All)
  • Option for custom 404 page (Pro users)
  • Option to hide the “read more” link on blog index, when the title is clickable (it can be done through css, but it’s not easy for everyone).
  • Option to hide the “view” link on blog index, when the title is not clickable and “read more” is present.
  • Option to read a random post with a url like “”. This could be used on too.
  • Option to choose default blog image to be used on social, whenever there is no post image.
  • Option to make the Stats Page public for the visitors.
  • Option to choose default font and writing language per blog
  • Ability to filter posts on by content language
  • Ability to search post on by tag
  • Text between the “read more” tag and post title should act as “description” and appear on social networks. If there is no description, a default user-selected text should be used (or the blog description).

Just curious about ability to search by words. Like a general search. I love sites that do that. But a lot don’t.

Would you want that for your blog, so anyone could search? Or to be able to search through your own notes privately (e.g. all your anonymous posts)?

I was thinking for my blog for anyone to search. But a search through notes would also be great. The blog is my first priority.

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Any news on any of those suggestions? :slight_smile:

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Checking back on the search capability? Is that possible? Thanks.

Hey @matt. Those suggestions from Slack were written by me and I’m still interested! :wink:

So, are there any news on any of them? :nerd_face: