Navigating between posts


Hello! Love the app, it’s really beautiful.

One of my readers was pointing out that when I link to individual posts however it is not obvious how to navigate to older ones. I think at the moment the way is to click the blog title which will take you to the index, but the issue was that it was not obvious to her that the blog title was a link, or that it would show a menu.

Would you consider support for navigating between posts, like a pointer to previous and next with titles?

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Hey @bkam, thanks! Really glad you like it.

That’s great feedback. This is the first time I’ve heard of someone having trouble with that navigation, but a few users have brought up this idea of links to the next / previous post, including in this thread. We’re also working on a feature that lets you group certain blog posts together to create series of posts. So the option to have navigation between posts like you suggest is definitely on the table. I’ll keep everyone updated here as we make progress on that.


Glad the series of posts as a menu item is being worked on!


Yes I was a bit surprised too that it was confusing! Thanks for looking into this though :slight_smile:


Loving the idea of grouping together a series of posts. As far as I know, no other blog engine does that (out of the box).