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How can I modify the site icon?

In my case, I have my own domain, but when you enter you can see in the browser the icon of the letter W. It is very nice, but I would like to add my personal touch.

Hey, while we don’t have this option in the app, we can manually add it for you. Just email us the icon and your username, and we’ll set that up.


Oh great! What email do I send my logo to?

You can send your request along with logo and username to

You can send an ICO or PNG image.

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Thank you!

Can I set different favicon to each blog? or I only can set for username and it be shared to all blogs?

Yep, each blog is a completely different site, so each can have its own favicon!

Just a heads up that you can now upload a site icon yourself!

The custom favicon doesn’t appear in the DuckDuckGo browser. It’s still the writeas one.

Which blog is that happening on? It might just take a moment for the change to show up on your site.

This one doesn’t have my favicon showing up however I view it, just the logo instead:

My other blogs seem to be showing my favicons now, except in the DuckDuckGo browser for Mac. I wonder if that could be a bug with that browser, as I think it’s still in beta.

Hmm, it’s showing up for me just fine, so maybe you just need to do a hard refresh on your browser (Ctrl + Shift + R on Windows or Cmd + Shift + R on Mac).

As for the DDG browser, it’s definitely possible there’s a bug there, or maybe it only supports ICO files (traditionally used for browser favicons). You might try uploading an ICO file to see if that does anything.

Thanks! :+1: