Favicon or browser icon

Feature request: to be able to customise favicon especially for those who have custom domain. Thanks! x

Yes please!!! As great as the write.as logo looks as a favicon, it’s not mine! :slight_smile:

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For the interim, you can submit a request via email to the write.as team.

ref: Site Icon

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Just want to bump this topic to remind everyone that we can still change your blog’s favicon to whatever custom one you’d like. Just send us an email at hello [@] write.as including the favicon & your Write.as username.


What do dimensions have to be?


Just released!

Now all Pro users can upload their own favicon! Just go to your blog’s Customize page and click the image under “Favicon” to upload a file.

If you’ve already contacted us about uploading an icon for you, you should see that your icon is still there – but now you can edit it yourself!

Please feel free to share any questions / comments / feedback!


Now I can delete my javascript code for putting the favicon in place.

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Also, see our discussion on Remark.as about this showing up in the fediverse: Browser icons! Now you can upload one yourself, and make your blog even more... — Remark.as

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I don’t have the option in Customize to replace the favicon. Are you still rolling it out to Pro users or am I a fluke? I only have one blog and it was created over a year ago. Have I messed something up?

Thanks for any advice or answer @matt

Hmm, no it should be available to everyone! Can you please send a screenshot of your Customize page? You should see it near the top, next to the “title” field.

Thanks Matt. I found it. I was blind.