Some help with formatting of my blog


I recently just figured out how to make an image the entire background of my blog
Now I’m looking for some additional help, and wondering if anyone can help me. I’m wondering how do I center the title of a blog post? Also, how can I change all of the text to the color white?

Thank you,


Check out the Custom CSS section from the guide.

There’s a CSS entry in there for “Post titles on blog index”. If you add text-align: center; to it, it should center the title of your posts.

Changing the color involves a lot more and depends on which text you want to change the color for. I would suggest going over the other CSS entries in the Custom CSS guide.

I would want all the text on my page to be in white. Is there an easy way to implement that?

Hey @Braillynn, this CSS makes all the text white, except titles, since it looks like you already have that covered:

body, header p.description, body h1 a, body h1 a:hover, body footer nav, body footer a.home:link, body footer a.home:visited, body footer a.home:link, body footer nav a.home:hover {
    color: white;

Give that a try and let me know if anything is still missing!

If I want to do a custom favicon, how do I go about setting that up? What size does it need to be?
Also, how do I change text styles on my blog?

For the favicon, you can email it to us, as mentioned in this thread. The image should be square, and something like 64x64 is perfectly fine.

What text styles are you trying to change? That is, which text, and to what styles?