Semi Password Protected Blogs?

Hi! I’m uh… very new to and am about to get a Pro account and had a question!

Is there an option to password protect certain posts on a blog or, alternatively, have different passwords to open different posts (similar to how lets you assign one per post on their site)?

I was hoping to use one of my new Pro accounts for writing and wanted some posts to be freely available while other ones are only available to supporters via kofi, with the ability to “un-protect” posts at a later date. Ideally I’d love to keep all my writing together instead of freely readable stuff on one blog, password protected on another blog and later transferred because that would break links all the time.

Seconded. I wanted to use my currently password protected blog (more of a journal) to create pages I can then add to my main website as links/buttons, since the layout of my primary website doesn’t really work with more content than is already up (I know that’s weird, but whatever). Things like an extended bio and stuff. At the moment I can do this with anonymous post links, but then, the link loses the ‘blog.’ subdomain I’ve set up as well as the look of my page, which uses my own logo in place of a title and hides the W.a branding. My other option is unlocking my blog, which I would rather not to. It would be nice to have the option to unlock certain pages, which would still be hidden behind the password page, when being accessed from the main blog page, but visible if using the specific link/slug. Links I could then use for the above mentioned purpose.

oh that’s actually a good idea like… having keys for a page that bypasses the requirements for password / private would allow for easy sharing and, if had the ability for you to delete keys, that helps with privacy concerns. if you can make multiple keys per post, you can even decide who gets to still see content while limiting if needed (which is great for, say, someone wanting to share a writing snippet but only for a limited time)