Monetize Your Writing with Micropayments

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This is fantastic! I started playing with this last night and removed my custom code, as this feels much nicer. I love the aesthetic and language choices as well. Thank you for implementing this feature; I am excited to use it more for my work.

I noticed what might be a bug (?) or something weird about my setup: it works fine on but not on my custom domain. The console reports a 404 error when the text reads “Unlocking subscriber content…”:

[HTTP/2 404 Not Found 190ms]

Let me know if you’d like me to post this somewhere else thread instead of through this announcement thread.


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Really glad you like what we went with. Thanks for experimenting with it!

Looks like you definitely found a bug, affecting blogs on custom domains. We’ve just patched that, so if you check out your post now it should work. Let us know if you run into any other trouble, though!


Thank you very much! Yes, it works perfectly now!

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Just about to put my pointer in the meta …
Is this in the JavaScript section and to kill a long standing question why does the css / Java editor not like it when I do things like insert certain HTML
It wants semicolons and such- is it a RegEx editor or inserted into an existing HTML so only needs the meta tag and the head or so on? Guessing the complex monetization code goes in the JavaScript section not the other one…


I was getting a math Jax error and forgot i had switched the renderer. Removed all custom .js and still a no go. Hmm.


@support ~ Ok sorry to reply twice- totally different situation now. I’ve put my pointer in several blogs and rigged one test post:

Test post at

Had mom try to sign up, bit she and dad kept getting this- they both tried with different cards.

Kinda related, any way to just manually add meta tags? There’s another service similar to this called Flattr I’d like to use.