Rich Media Embeds

Interesting… there’s and even Instagram…

Have you guys thought about getting photos included?

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Absolutely! We have some development tasks written up for this here: T618. It’ll just need some changes on the end of things.


Awesome, looking forward to it.

So I’ve tried this out and it works really well when viewing posts on my site.

I did notice that it doesn’t render on well on a feed or feed reader though, like via or via the Feedly app. All you get is the url. Maybe something that can be improved upon in the future.

I just wanna say thank you guys for including Bandcamp embed support… I suspect you already know why that’s important to me, but yeah… Y’all are good uns. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


This is great! Can someone help me out with centering embedded Tweets? The old method, described in this post obviously does not work anymore, if you just put the Link to the Tweet in the text. I am trying to come up with the right CSS styling to achieve this, but so far I was unsuccessful.

Also, the Youtube embed looks a bit wird, as the <iframe> tag is embedded in the <p> tag. Was that intentional?

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Thanks for mentioning this, @jason! We’ll have a change deployed later today that will automatically fix the centering issue with tweets – so no need for any custom CSS on your end.

Can you share the link or a screenshot where the YouTube embed looks off? Right now, yes, the <iframe> will always get embedded within the <p> block – but we haven’t found that that causes too many problems. If it does, we’ll try to fix it!

Hey @matt, that’s great news :). I just reread my post, and I think I did not express myself properly; sorry about that. The YT embed does not look “visually” off. It surprised me when I looked into the HTML and saw that the iframe was embedded into the <p> tag. I wondered if this was done intentionally or some bug or accident.

Ah, got it! Yeah it’s intentional, and gave us the quickest path to implementation. But that could change in the future.

Hi Matt,

Is it possible for something like this to work with Racket?

We rely on Embedly for our rich embeds, and then we have to add support for certain providers. But it looks like they’re not officially supported right now.

If Racket uses the oEmbed standard, we might be able to support them in the future.

Thanks Matt

Are there any plans to add Vimeo as an embed option‽ I know Embedly supports Vimeo (WordPress & Tumblr use them) & I was surprised that it was not supported in WriteFreely. Is there a reason for this‽

Hey @darnell, Vimeo is supported now! Any Vimeo links you might’ve included in your posts should automatically turn into embeds now – no extra work needed.

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Yay! Thanks! Now I will definitely keep my Pro account! I did not want to have to keep using Youtube as I no longer upload there. Thanks @matt!

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Would it be possible to support Mastodon toot and PeerTube video embeds? They aren’t currently available.

I don’t know how we’d support that, unfortunately. Right now, we scan for naked URLs, and when we find a recognized provider (e.g., we go and retrieve the embed code.

Since those fediverse applications run on any domain, we can’t use this same method to automatically detect and embed their content. We’d need some more complex way of scanning each URL in a post and determining what application is behind it, so we can then fetch and use the correct embed code (if they even support the oEmbed standard, which I’m not sure about).

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@matt, couldn’t rich embeds for Mastodon be accomplished by implementing oembed? oembed API methods - Mastodon documentation

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Apparently Embedly supports Mastodon now:


The URL of a toot in my test post is still not embedded, maybe some configuration or re-rendering is needed at’ end