- privacy-first, portable comments

I am very much interested in available to install as own instance. Considering great experience provided by WriteFreely, I expect you guys can make as one more clean, fast and smooth open source project.

Even though I got into fediverse this year, I already enjoy Mastodon, PeerTube and WriteFreely. While Mastodon is excellent Twitter alternative, I use WriteFreely as draft notebook for quick notes that some time in the future might become full featured posts on my heavyweight blog. It would be great to receive ActivityPub comments to WriteFreely posts!

While PeerTube has fediverse comments capability, my wish would be to have comments system to integrate with WriteFreely (and perhaps PeerTube too?) to have single comments lifecycle (moderation, user authentication, etc.).

If/when goes public as open source project, it could also reuse for it’s comment functionality.

Main driver for me to choose WriteFreely was aim to learn Go lang so I hope in a while I’ll be able to contribute and hopefully help with and if/when they become open source :slight_smile:


Would this be something under the control of each individual user, or something, say, a WriteFreely instance admin could set instance-wide rules for? Asking because should I move toward setting up a WriteFreely community I would want to disallow comment anonymity, and certainly disallow being able to morph oneself between different single-use usernames, because that feature risks preventing me from being able to punish code of conduct violations site-wide.

Great point. Again these are still just ideas for now. But either way, the version usable with WriteFreely would be configurable by the instance admin first, and then by the individual users. (And perhaps the ability for users to configure things themselves could be configurable by an instance admin.)