Publication date in the post view

Maybe I just have not seen it and here I have not found either, but is there any way to show the date of the publication in the post view like in the general view? And if there is not, could that option be added? (Apart from obviously adding it “by hand” in the post itself).

Thanks for your feedback! We don’t have the option to show dates on posts right now, but we would like to support it. Maybe it would be tied to the blog’s Display Format as well.

Out of curiosity, does anyone prefer posts as they are today, without dates?

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Indeed, it really would help to show the date of the post. This could be optional, of course. When you write technical posts the date of the article could be relevant, especially when people make a quick research and come from a search engine directly to the article.


This definitely is a must-have feature for me. I admit (somewhat jerkily) that I’m baffled that it doesn’t already exist, as it seems to be crucial metadata for the reader to have? But anyway, yes, please. Dates on posts, at least for Blog format.

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