Not finding blog on Mastodon

Same problem here. I have Fediverse enabled but no search results come up no matter how I phrase it.


What Mastodon instance are you on where your account isn’t showing up? And what exactly are you entering in the search box? I’m having no trouble finding it on Writing.Exchange…

Screenshot from 2023-03-17 12-18-08

Well, usually my go-to search query would be, which wouldn’t show up before, but now it does. Does it just take a while for it to get added or something? I don’t know why it showed up all of a sudden. Thanks for letting me know though

It should be available to the fediverse within seconds of enabling federation on your blog. But also there could be some caching on Mastodon’s side, which means if it doesn’t show up at first, you continue seeing that result for a while until it refreshes.

Available and known are two different things. If wasn’t federated with the instance you were looking from, it may take a while for the result to propagate, especially if the instance was heavily loaded.

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