How do I connected my account to Writing Exchange?

How can I connect my account to I have been trying to figure this out.

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I believe you just go to blogs > customize > “enable federation” and it will have a masto profile ready to go for you, and you can follow/boost that info to your main feed. If you mean how do you auto-publish you blog feed to a personal masto account, I am not 100% sure that you can. I have never tried. :confused:

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@tmo is right as far as using your blog as a Fediverse account. You can boost and follow it from your account and that’s as far as that connection goes for now.

What did you have in mind by connecting your account to @Ghost59?

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@cjeller1592 im having the same issue. My fediverse option is enabled but when I attempt to search on masto i don’t see in the search.

Gotcha - so you can find your blog on the Fediverse by searching it by its url: You should be able to see the account there with no posts. This means you have to follow your blog before posts show up (this is partly how federation through ActivityPub works). If you have any other questions on this they are addressed in the Federation troubleshooting post here:

For your blog in particularly @acererak, this actually might be an ongoing problem with Fediverse accounts for blogs with the type of domains. The blog might show up but you cannot follow it (showing a “Cancel Follow Request”) when you access the blog on the Fediverse. Will have to look into the underlying issue a little further to see if it’s fixed or not (cc @matt )

Thanks, I appreciate the help and that solved the issue.

Actually you were right and I just never noticed. The request is still in “Cancel Follow Request” and the url: comes back with the json response of

code: 404,
error_msg: "Collection doesn't exist."

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