New: API

We’ve just opened up the API to everyone, and launched a site just for developers! Read more on the blog:


@matt What’s the pricing if we build something using the API?

Is it based on per GB storage per month?

Right now the API is made for personal use, so there isn’t any additional pricing to use it today. It’s more subject to “fair use” guidelines, where as long as you aren’t uploading an enormous amount of data – only an amount that a reasonable individual would – then you’re all good.

But if you’d like to build something bigger / more permanent on top of the API, yes, we’d charge a per-GB storage fee. What kind of thing did you have in mind to build? (Feel free to DM me if you’d rather share privately.) If you’re looking to do this soon, we can work out the price and subscription for you.

Some development ideas I probably shouldn’t pursue:

  1. I’ve been fantasizing about being the one to establish an integration between Typora and Snapas via Typora’s “custom image uploader” option.
  2. A Siri Shortcut/library of Shortcut actions for interacting with the Snapas API in conjunction with the enhancements provided by Toolbox Pro.
  3. A Drafts Action and or Action Group which utilizes both writeas and snapas API integrations to make publishing on iOS/MacOS dangerously seemless for powerusers…

That’s the thing - working around the limitations of this suite has demonstrably simplified my life (as I wrote about, unsolicited, in my reply to this thread.) Also, I am just hopeless when it comes to understanding APIs…

If any other users would benefit substantially from the effort, I’d really like to know. And of course if any real developers would like to “steal” one, I would love & benefit from that lol

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