Add pictures to email publishing

Dear developers,
I’ll be on a long trip and I quite like the option to publish via email. I will mostly write on a mobile phone. However, it seems that it is not possible to add pictures to the email when publishing, the mails just vanish without any effect. This feature would be very convenient, since the only other option I see for now is to log in to first, upload the picture (drag&drop might be a challenge on the phone), copy the link and paste it to the email. Is there a better way to do this? Would it be possible to do this upload/copy/paste process automatically?
Thanks for your help!


same for me.
I tried to post via email with some pictures embedded.
The email was sent but nothing happened.

  • no post was created with the images
  • no images were uploaded to my account
  • no post was created without the images (would be ok for me to not lose the text)
  • no error message was reported to my email

Can you please clarify in the description for “post via email” that the whole email will vanish if images are contained.

Kind regards

PS: Maybe this is related to ⚓ T550 Image uploading

Are y’all talking about embedding image files within an email? As far as I understand email, technically, that sounds like it would be a nightmare.

If I may, as someone who uses my phone to compose/edit/publish as often as I use my desktop, I’d ask you to reevaluate the workflow just one more time…

To be honest, I thought the separation of the image service was really strange and janky when I first started using but I absolutely LOVE it now. It has made me so much more efficient, especially on mobile.

Instead of trying to explain any further, I just uploaded a quick video of the process to Imgur.

(The icon I used is a Siri Shortcut that just opens in a new tab in Chrome.) Uploading an image to a specific gallery, naming it, copying the md code, and returning all took less than 50 seconds. Most of the time it takes even less when I’m actually in the zone.

yes, I’m talking of HTML emails.
In these emails it is possible to use images (embedded or linked)
And in the announcment there were HTML emails named if I remember correctly.

Do you remember the service posterous?
They had the feature to post per email including pictures.

Linked images in emails are most of the times blocked by the email clients. Embedded images are delivered to the inbox and displayed.

So my usecase is to bcc my blog-email to get the content here too.

Yes, I mean adding pictures by attaching them to the email. I’d be fine with a solution that takes them as MIME attachments and adds them all at the end of the post. Separating them from the email body shouldn’t be an issue, technically. If there could be any meta-sign to add them at a desired place, even better. I can also manage by uploading them manually to and copy that code every time. But this only works when I am logged in on my device. Any email posts to my blog would have to be without pictures. This is especially relevant for people posting on my blog who are not me and don’t have my login. I thought this was the idea of the feature.