My Embedded Blazor Apps Have Stopped Working

Hey there. It looks like something has changed with the with servers recently. My Blazor apps (Popular Posts, Search, Archive Generator), which used to work before, have now stopped working. I am now getting the same CORS error that I mentioned in this thread. I only used to get that error when trying to make my apps work on other writefreely instances, but it used to always work for the instance.

Is this something that can be fixed?

Hey @dino, sorry about this – it looks like you’re running into the rate-limiting we recently introduced on the API, based on that 429 Too Many Requests response.

We’re still in the middle of fighting off these bots, so the rate limits will be there for the foreseeable future. But once we get through the current onslaught, I’ll take a look at making an exception in the API layer for you. Beyond that, we’ll be introducing a more permanent way for you (or anyone else) to use the API like you want to, without being subject to these limits.

Will keep you updated!

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Thanks for the quick response @matt!

I hope this can be fixed soon.

We’re planning to move toward granting “application keys” that you can use to avoid normal rate limiting on the API. To use it, you’d simply include the key in an extra header on every request to the API.

Do you think something like that would work for your app, @dino?

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Yeah, I think that would work @matt.