New rate limits on publishing

We’re experiencing a large amount of automated, abusive activity on, so we’ve introduced more strict rate-limiting on our publishing API.

Most users shouldn’t notice any issues, unless they’re publishing multiple posts very quickly, or running a program that does so. But we’re quickly updating the application to communicate any rate limiting errors, if you happen to run into them. And beyond that, we’ll be putting in new mechanisms to support automated publishing, such as when using a migration tool like our Hugo Importer – stay tuned for more on that.

After this episode is mitigated, we’ll likely be putting in new restrictions to curb abuse from free users, for example, by limiting how many posts they can create in a day. We’ll keep you updated as we put that in place.


So, of course I chime in - does this just apply to R.w.a, or publishing to an Unlisted blog altogether? Just curious. Thanks!

This applies to all blogs, no matter the Visibility setting (Unlisted, Public, etc.), that aren’t on a paid plan. And again, you’ll only encounter it if you’re publishing several posts in a very short amount of time – basically, an amount of time so short that most normal, human users won’t hit it.

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Got it. Thanks

Just deployed some additional changes for free users, which limits the number of new posts you can create in a day.

This starts off low for the first day you hold an account, then gradually increases as time goes on. We don’t expect many normal users to hit their “day one” limit, but this should be an enormous help for curtailing spam bots.


I’m worried about @tmo . Lol.

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