My blog page shows 'page not found'

I’m a new user of, and has just moved my anonymous posts to my blog. However, when I open my blog it shows ‘page not found’ and I can’t even read my anonymous posts now. Could anyone tell me how to fix it and retrieve what I’ve written?
Also, I remember reading somewhere that anonymous posts are automatically saved somewhere on my computer - does anyone know where that is?
Many thanks!!

Hey, sorry about that! There was an issue on our end that resulted in an invalid username for your account. I’ve just fixed that, so you should find your posts on your blog now.

As for anonymous posts, they’re stored in the browser only when not logged in. There isn’t really a simple way to get the post contents, so the best way to get your posts out would be to create an account and then export your posts here.

Hi Matt,

Thanks so much for the reply!

There’s still one tiny problem though - due to there being too many repeated posts (most just a title) I accidentally deleted the one that shouldn’t be… And I was wondering if there’s a way of retrieving all that I have deleted about twenty minutes ago? If it’s not impossible altogether or too late?

Many thanks in advance…

Ah sorry… When you press “delete” it immediately removes the post from our servers, so unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to easily retrieve the post :slightly_frowning_face:

Haha it’s okay, I know it’s completely my fault not to have checked lol… thanks the information!

By the way, is it true that no matter how many times you edit it, the content of your post shown in your blog will always be the same as when you first published it? I deleted one of my remaining posts and wanted to post it again just to have a different title shown in my blog but was told that the new post is now considered spam - could you please help me fix that, and if I may ask, would that still happen if I do the same thing (deleting a post, making small adjustments and then re-publishing it?)

I seem to have an awful lot of questions lol many thanks again!