Blog page not found

I created an account earlier today and linked it to a custom domain. When I access via the custom domain, it’s accessible but when I use the “view blog” button (so I can manage my existing posts, as opposed to simply viewing the public blog) it says

This page is missing.
Are you sure it was ever here?

I saw another thread that mentions it being an issue that results in the account having an invalid username, and was hoping for assistance.

I’m currently unable to fix some issues with my blog post and really need help. According to the other post I found, the issue seems to be as simple as a admin fixing my account settings. I’m currently paying for pro. but if I can’t do basic stuff like editing, then my subscription is useless.

Hey, we’ll take a look at this. Can you share your username, either here or privately to @support?

Same as my account here: SerpentSec

Thanks! Yes, this seems to be related to that other issue – somehow, uppercase letters were allowed in your username, causing things to get funky. This is all fixed now!

Let us know if you still run into any issues.

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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