Multiple Users


Is there any way to have multiple users editing one blog? Not simultaneously, but able to post to the same blog.


Hey, there isn’t a way to do this at the moment, unfortunately. Right now, if someone wants to host multiple authors on a blog, they’ll usually just share their login information. But this is something we’ve been wanting to support.

If you don’t mind, I have a few questions (open to anyone) that’ll help us design this:

  • Do you need different roles (e.g. author / editor / proofer)? Or to just be able to let multiple people post directly to a blog?
  • Do you need to restrict permissions in any way (e.g. publish-only, no editing or deleting)?
  • Do you want author information shown on individual posts?
    • If so, what kind of information would you want included (e.g. avatar, name, bio)?


Hey Matt,
Okay, didn’t think there was but at least now I know it wasn’t just me failing to do something simple!
In an ideal world, an ‘author’ permission role would be ideal, where someone could have a login that would let them write posts that would then be subject to admin approval before publishing.
For me personally, the ability to display author information on posts isn’t really necessary, but I would put it in the ‘nice to have’ pile. Certainly, just a by-line would be sufficient for me.
I do love, for both it’s simplicity and flexibility, things like this would be added bonuses that I’d be happy to pay a $/£/€ or two on top of my Pro subscription for.