More than one domain



On my local install (non-functional now because of this), I would like to use different domains for different blogs. How to accomplish that?


As it is today, you’d need to create an entirely new single-user instance (including a database) for each of those domains.

But could you explain your use case more? Maybe we could support this. I’m assuming you’d like to do this using one login with multiple blogs?


No really looking for one login for multiple logs, but to allowing wife, child, and a couple of closed friends to have their blogs while using their own domains (similarly to


I figured I could add aliases to the main server, with my wife, child, and friends domains. It works, but at certain point (haven’t figured out where) the main domain “comes afloat,” and the users get logged out.

Update: Figured it out. The main domain “comes afloat” after an edit.


Hmm yeah, if we added support for path installations you might be able to point each to an alias on your server.

But what do you mean by “comes afloat”?


Comes afloat, as it it shows on the address bar. Aliased domains can be used (,, but as soon as edits are made, it shows