Mastodon replies for blog comments (instead of

I came across this thread about making Mastodon replies appear as comments on a blog. Some kind of implementation with this could be pretty slick for blogs. I’d for sure use it.

Tapping @matt on the shoulder :slight_smile:

I’ve started getting replies to my projects through the fediverse lately. Sure be nice if they were collected somehow.

Know @matt is pretty busy between keeping alive though the onslaught of Twitter refugees, so I imagine it’ll be a while.

I replied to JeffTK’s post and followed him, plus pinged Matt. Fingers crossed.

How? Where do the replies show up?

I’m on mastodon from another account, and followed my identity. I now boost anything I have posted on and people are replying to both me and the identity, but I’m seeing the comments, at least.

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Ping! Still interested in this.