Markdown inconsistencies and markdown flavour

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I do love the simplicity of and the markdown support. However, I find markdown support a little bit inconsistent and limited.

There are some inconsistencies in hos interprets newlines in markdown, as can be seen in my markdown test post. treats both literal newlines and double spaces at end of line as newlines.

There are no support for description lists, nor footnotes. I have seen mentions of this on the forum that this belongs to extended markdown, but there are different flavours of “extended markdown”, for example:

  • Pandoc’s Markdown (my preferred choice),
  • Github Flavoured Markdown,
  • CommonMark.

There are differences between them so when (if?) implementing “extended markdown” I guess a choice has to be made as to avoid a “Write.As Flavoured Markdown”.

Thanks for the input, @bluebirch!

I agree we should try to make things as consistent as possible. Our specific flavor of Markdown is meant to strike a balance between plain text and rich formatting via basic Markdown syntax, which is why things are this way (respecting whitespace and literal newlines, etc.). Overall, we want to be as intuitive as possible for the average user, and be flexible enough for more creative writing, like poetry.

We’re thinking about how we might support a Markdown standard in addition to our current middle-of-the-road support now. This forum thread would be a great place for everyone to weigh in on what they’d like to see most.

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Currently, markdown tables have no border lines in I’d like to see a thin (e.g., 1 px) border. Borders could be added through custom CSS, but shouldn’t borders be the default? What is the use case for borders without lines?

Another tables feature that might be nice is to lightly gray-scale shade alternate lines.

I’ll probably think of a few other things later on, but offhand this one seems most significant to me.

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