Is there a Markdown for Underline?

I read the blog post on how to Write in, but I did not see anything about how to apply an “underline” to a text. I only saw bold and italics. Does this feature exist?

Good question, and I would like to know too.

I found one page mentioning :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use ++Underlined Text++ to make text underlined in markdown-it.js. Bear in mind that this is not standard markdown and might not work elsewhere.

…and indeed it did NOT work on test WF page.

A good MarkDown Reference sheet here did not mention Underline at all.

Haha, maybe that’s why they did not mention it then. But thanks for including that reference sheet, that is super cool.

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You are very welcome – I learned a lot from the Interactive Markdown tutorial, have you seen it?

Free, and available in different languages too.



Oh wow, I am going to have to go check it out. I just signed up today and I have to say I am so excited about I have never been this excited about a new blogging platform in a very very long time and I’m still learning about it. I was up and running in under an hour. I hope they continue to enhance the platform while maintaining the simplicity of what I’ve been looking for in a blog. This is a game changer.


Hi @digorsink! So while the Markdown for underlining isn’t supported, the HTML for underlining is supported on All you have to do is add this to whatever text you want to underline:

<u>This text is underlined.</u>

Thanks for bringing this up though. This definitely relates to the question about extended Markdown syntax that has come up here before. If there’s something you want to do that cannot be done in Markdown (like underlining or adding color to text), just know that also supports HTML. You can use this guide to see what HTML can be used:

Hope that helps!


Oh wow, I had no idea, you could just add HTML like that, will try that. This is too cool.

That solves the problem and the question. Thank you! :smile_cat: