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Just went on my blog again and it isn’t working anymore.

Could you check to see if the Custom JavaScript is enabled in your blog’s Customize settings? That might be the issue.

the code was in my javascript section and I clicked save and now it’s working again. Could this be because I am using a free trial and that expires in a day

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Now it isn’t working.

I’ve tried deleting the post and javasript and it still doesn’t work. I’ve clicked save on the custom settings page a lot of times and nothing. When I open the glitch app url in a seperate tab it loads a random post from my blog, but as once I click on random it takes me the actual post named random that I pinned to my blog.

So I did some tinkering around and I think I know what the issue was. Try to add the following code to your Custom JavaScript & let me know what happens:

const y = document.querySelector('a[href*=""]');
y.href = '';

It’s working now, but it seems a bit slow. I’m not sure if that is normal or if my wifi is bugging out.

What was the problem? Thanks for solving it because I have zero coding experience.

No worries @sermonpoppers! It was a syntax issue on my part — the code wasn’t finding your “Random” post to replace it with the random app link. Hope that makes sense!

It could be a bit slow because the app is hosted on Glitch which hosts millions of apps. Sometimes they have downtime. If you’re ever concerned about whether Glitch is up or not you can always look on their status page to see what’s going on — also very useful for anyone else here who uses Glitch apps with their blogs!

Here is what I’ve been working on this Sunday morning.

The bot rejected my first draft because I had included URL addresses to my related screenplay,’s Solid forum, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and other links. I do not want to violate any forum rules so I have removed the links. My story and project is true. If anyone would like to see those related URL’s, I’d be pleased to post them in this thread. Before I do so, I would need permission from the admins that it’s OK. I hope you enjoy my story.

Thanks for sharing @3DC-SON! Try posting it again with the links — you should be able to post it now without being blocked. If you run into any more problems then feel free to contact @support for help.

Otherwise I think it should work for you, plus you can add this to a blog if you want to develop on these ideas further. It’s a lot to take in but it’s really interesting stuff there!

There’s a really cool web tool for sharing quotes called QuoteBacks that just got released. Below is an announcement post about it, but it’s a way to manage & share quotes from blogs and elsewhere in an easy, elegant manner. It’s currently just for Chrome but they’re going to push to get it on FireFox too:

I’ve used previous iterations of it on my own blog. Here’s an example:

Now the catch is that the most recent version doesn’t play too nicely with I’ve tried adding the Custom JavaScript to it amongst other things and still run into trouble. Thankfully you can use the photo of the quote or grab the markdown to paste directly into the blog. Would still like to get the embed working though.

Maybe we can put our heads together to solve it? It’s a neat tool that has already proven useful to me and I’m sure it would for y’all too.


If you want to hitch a ride on the email subscription form and add a link to your RSS feed, you can do something like this.

/* Insert Link to RSS Feed */
// Insert footer links on posts, but not on the homepage.
if (document.getElementById("post-body")) {
    var currentURL = window.location.href;
    var isAboutPage = /about/i.test(currentURL);
    var emailForm = document.getElementById("emailsub");
    if (emailForm && !isAboutPage) {
        var rssFeedText = '<div style="text-align: center; margin-bottom: 1em; font-style: italic;"><p>Follow this site via <a href="" target="_blank">RSS Feed</a>, or via email using the form below.</p></div>';
        document.getElementById("emailsub").insertAdjacentHTML('beforebegin', rssFeedText);

The script regarding the “about” page is an example of how to disable it on certain pages. In this case, I have the email subscription form showing up on my About page, but I didn’t want to have the extra text show up on top of it.

Basically, you write <!--emailsub--> in your post and in addition to the email subscribe form, you also get a link to the RSS feed above it. it will look like this:

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Thanks for sharing that @dino! I love how it extends the normal <!--emailsub--> markup to whatever text you want to add.

The part that excited me was the scripting that disables your custom message on certain pages. That functionality could extend to a lot of interesting things on your blog. Especially since you do a lot of series @dino, maybe it could include different styling for certain blog posts whose url matches a certain pattern.

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You are welcome @cjeller1592. It seems like I shared it just in time. You guys just unveiled a new feature for Post Signatures where this could be of use.

You know what, I didn’t even think of that. I was only thinking of just filtering on pinned pages. That’s actually a good idea :slight_smile:

Wanted to share a useful resource that @rgx shared in this topic. It’s a fun, interactive Markdown tutorial that will help get you up to speed pretty quickly on basic syntax:

I wish I had access to something like this when I started!

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Ah, thank you for the mention. :smile: For me it was a God send – and at the right time too, as I was just starting to use the Write.Freely blog and html tags are so cumbersome in comparison to MarkDown.

The tutorial is Fantastic – I put in some hours, into it, and soon was creating my new pages completely in Markdown. It is interactive so you have to type in text, formatting to match a given example, and it won’t progress until you have got that correct.

Being in Education for many years, I think it’s the BEST example of technology applied to education that I have ever seen.

An additional resource worth mentioning, for reference – Ange, an admin at, my blog’s host, wrote a Write.Freely Users Manual for their instance. Her original is in French, and located here.

I found it was an important reference – so I made an English translation, with a few additional edits and some new images.

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I have no fancy code to share yet, but the next item on my list to work on is to style my page according to how I want it in terms of link colors, fonts and page layout. I’m sure I’ll reach out to this wonderful community along the way. Looking forward to seeing helpful tips others have used.

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Looking forward to seeing the final result @digorsink! If you haven’t seen it already, I’d recommend checking out the Themes blog. It showcases a host of themes from the community that you can use for inspiration.

Okay so this one isn’t really a JavaScript or CSS trick, but is more of using what’s available to solve a problem. I wanted to be able to write a post with spoilers, but somehow hide the spoiler, so it’s not plain for everyone to see. I wanted readers to intentionally do something to view the spoiler. I found that with’ anonymous post feature, you can hide spoilers as anonymous post. You can then make them available via links in a post. So a reader can read the post, know that there is a spoiler, but not see the spoiler, unless they specifically click the link to the spoiler.