How to pin a post at the top of #category search results?

I’m puzzling out if there is a way to have an ongoing series with a #Hashtag, the results for which appear

  1. as a link at the top
  2. with an intro post pinned at the top (only showing the intro text).

Ideas on how to make that happen?


Hello again @DeaconPatrick!

For setting the hashtag as a link in the top, I’d recommend this previous post on how to make a pinned post go to another webpage. All you need to do is swap the other webpage link with the link to the hashtag link:

For having the intro post pinned at the top, the easiest way to do this would be to change your blog’s display format in it’s _Customize _settings. Whatever you have it set to, the hashtags will appear in a similar order. Let me explain further.

For your use case, the “Novel” format would work best. This means that the oldest posts display first and the most recent last. When you create a series using a hashtag in “Novel” format, the oldest post using the hashtag displays first. This would help if the intro-post was the first thing you wanted people to see and then all other posts in the series follow suit. If you go down this route, the order of the blog would change a bit, but the pinned posts would assist readers on going directly to the series they want to read.

Hope that makes sense and, as always, I’d be glad to clarify things further!