Can I pin a post to a tag?

Hello! I’m wondering if it’s possible to pin a post in a tag - for example, if you click on #category on a blog and go to blog.url/tag:category, there would be one post that always is on top.

This is a related topic: How to pin a post at the top of #category search results? but the recommended solution is to change to novel format, and ideally I’d like to keep the rest of my blog in blog format.

I’m making a food(-ish) blog so I want most recent posts first on the main page, but when people click on #recipe-tag, I’d like it to take them to a page that has the recipe first, and upon scrolling further, it’ll be the “regular” posts where you see how and when I’ve eaten that recipe.

So for example, if the recipe is #instant-ramen, you’d first see a post that’s like “boil water and noodles, add seasoning pack,” and then some other posts beneath it that are “had instant ramen again,” “added a fried egg to my instant ramen,” and “my instant ramen lunch compared to my real ramen dinner” or something.