Federation follows requiring approval?

I have enabled Federation for my blog: @zstix@write.as, but I am running into two issues:

  1. I am unable to find the blog when I search for it on Mastodon (both in an app and the web interface).
  2. Readers are saying that they can’t follow the blog can can only request to follow. I have no way to see these requests.

Has anyone else run into these issues? I’m fairly new to write.as, but it doesn’t look like there’s any ambiguity in the way I’ve got it configured.


Same for me.

Hey, sorry for the slow response on this. What Mastodon instances are you both trying to follow from?

Hey @matt :wave:

I was trying to follow from fosstodon.org

@zstix Thanks! Could you try searching / following all over again? We accidentally had some instances blocked at the IP-level, and have since unblocked them. So now you should be all set.