New posts are not published on Mastodon

Since november my new posts are not published on Mastodon . I’ve tried to disable and enable federation (in my blog settings) but it does not seem to have solve the problem. Do you have any suggestions?
My blog: selmakovich —


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Probably a stretch, but just in case… I had an issue where auto emails weren’t being set up because I’d been scheduling posts ahead of time/messing around with publishing dates. What fixed it: only publishing “fresh” drafts. Have you been doing anything similar since November?

Thanks for your answer! Yes I’ve tried that too and, unfortunately it didn’t fix it…

Sorry for the slow response here. @selmakovich, we just made some changes that should fix this issue for you (mentioned in this thread).

Could you try unfollowing and following your blog again? Once you do, assuming it doesn’t show “pending approval,” all your future posts should start showing up.


Hi. It worked very well! Thank you again.