Edit loses latest changes

This has happened to me more than once: I edit a post, then click “publish” to review them,then click “edit” again to fix something. The latest changes are gone. I see the post as it was before my latest changes.

If I don’t notice this problem, I will add more changes to a previous version of the post. Which could easily be lost again in a subsequent edit.

I’m not sure I understand how to get out of this problem - have edit start with the latest version of the post (as it should). I generally do a lot of reloading the page and then sometimes open another browser window or restart the browser altogether. Eventually I get the editor to start with the correct version.

This is probably the same as Editor won't retain latest edits, even though they display on live blog which does not seem to have any response.

@javiernanni in that post suggests a way to get out of that situation, which I will try next time it happens to me. But it’s an awkward method and should not be necessary (I think).

Thanks for mentioning this! Absolutely a bad bug that needed to get fixed.

My hunch is that this was something on the database side – when you loaded the editor, it pulled in an old version from the server. (It’s possible that it was some local browser caching if you pressed the “Back” button, but if you pressed “Edit,” then I think this was a server issue.)

If that hunch is correct, then I’ve just deployed a fix for this. Now, whenever you go to edit a post, it will only pull a fresh version from the database. But if you still notice this happening, please let me know so I can look into it again!

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