Edit federated posts?

Is there a way to edit posts and have the fediverse post amended or replaced as well?

Hi @Luke! So you can edit the body of the post and the changes will show when someone clicks the link on the fediverse post. However, if you update the title, edit the body of the post that ends up in the preview card, or change the slug of the post, the federated post will stay as is. As far as the slug goes, this can lead to broken links.

This is a general issue that is on the fediverse side as Mastodon and other platforms ignore the Update activity entirely. There are still some solutions that can be implemented. Check out this open issue to get more context and contribute to the conversation if you’d like.

Thanks for the note. I’m specifically asking about changing the body content, not the title or slug. It looks like the entire body is embedded in the fediverse post - i’m assuming that doesn’t get updated either if Updates are ignored?