Editing post to include tags on Mastodon

I want to edit the body of my post to add tags so that the tags will show up on Mastodon, making the post findable. Will/can that work?

I assume the post that goes through to masto would contain any hashtags found in the post itself.

It’s hit or miss: sometimes the Mastodon toots associated with my blog’s posts contain the hashtags, sometimes not. I always include at least one hashtag in my Write.as posts.

We send out hashtags as metadata to the fediverse, so even if they don’t visibly display on Mastodon (this is out of our control and totally up to them), the information should still be there, so your posts show up in search.

Are you seeing issues where your tagged posts don’t show up when searching for that hashtag?

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Yeah. So I posted Winter Elixir — Magess and then realized it had no hashtags, so I edited it to have one. But if I search herbalism from mastodon, that post doesn’t come up as a result, even though I’m following the account.

Ah, got it! It looks like we needed to change one more thing for updates to reflect in Mastodon properly. That code is out for review now, and will be in the next release of WriteFreely! Thanks for bringing it up.

In the meantime, would just recommend getting those hashtags in when you first publish the post. Otherwise should work fine in the future.