Disrepancies in Stats on Write.as

We recently heard from a writer on the platform that the numbers they’re seeing on their blog’s Stats page don’t quite match up. While we work on official documentation, here’s a bit more information on why this is happening.

We gather stats in two ways: a plain pageview counter on the server-side, and more in-depth stats on the client-side.

On the Stats page, the graph at the top of the page and the stats under the “Referrers” section are all derived from the client-side analytics. They’ll likely be lower than the numbers under the “Top x posts” section, as those numbers come from the server-side pageview counter.

Numbers gathered through client-side analytics are lower because they don’t capture data on every single visitor. Visitors will be excluded if:

  • Their browser’s Do Not Track (DNT) option is enabled
  • They have a browser extension like Ghostery that blocks Matomo / Piwik Analytics
  • They have Javascript disabled
  • They’ve opted out from these analytics on our Privacy Policy page

Let us know if you have any questions, as it’ll help us write our official guides on this.